Return of the Lost Lord

Onward to Oria

Traveling through the city to the capitol as tasked by a cleric. Not a goal I had in mind, but with the state of this city I have few options. My companions seem competent enough as we make haste towards the capitol building. The doors to the building have clearly been damaged by the creature with the long claws we spotted earlier, although it’s intent is uncharacteristic as it appears to move with purpose rather than instinct. As we make our way with caution through the building, the disfigured man is clearly disturbed by the evidence of the creature. Interesting, but of no consequence at this time. The council chamber has been compromised as well, and I suspect the creature is still within this building searching for something. This creature is clearly not something we are interested in confronting. Closer inspection of the council room discovered a secret passage underground.

This narrow tunnel gives me pause, but it is obvious that it will not afford the undead monstrosity room to enter and so our path is clear. The tunnel is cool and dark, our only illumination from my companion’s torch. The halfling moves with an assurance that I do not share, she seems to study the soft dirt underfoot to discern our path. Soon we make our way into the city’s aqueducts with the halfling leading us along. It has become apparent the council members used this tunnel to escape their pursuers. An illumination appears at the end of the aqueduct, it appears to be the cleric who tasked us with reaching the capitol building. She greets us as we emerge and tasks us yet again with a mission, we are to make our way to Oria in the northeast to rendezvous with a druid ally of this cleric. She hands the dwarf a small coin as an identifier to the druid and we make our way out of Lannereth.

The disfigured man seems to have taken lead and suggests we shelter in a small abandoned farmer’s house to get some rest for the night. Here we get a finally get the chance to exchange names and familiarize ourselves with each other. We are awoken early the next day by more of the shambling dead, but these appear to be remains of the earlier army and are much weaker. We dispatch them easily and decide to set out for Valbridge. Our travels are uneventful but swift as lead by Lavinia, but it is clear that many others have traveled this way as well to escape the carnage in Lannereth there may be many desperate refugees in the nearby settlements so we must be cautious.

Our arrival in the settlement on the lake confirms our suspicions of the refugees as the town is grossly overpopulated, with many people camped outside the gates. I am unsure of how to proceed as we settle among the refugees, my companions move quickly to gather supplies and information about the area. It isn’t long after waiting that Aleric returns to the camp but not alone. The man who joins Aleric is sleek and utterly confident, the kind of man who would use deception and subterfuge to attain his goals. He surveys me with an arrogant eye as though I am his lesser and I feel a twinge of annoyance. Aleric steps close and explains a wager he has arranged between myself and this man, of course without my knowing beforehand. Normally I would be offended that such an exchange took place without my blessing but this man clearly needs to know his place and I eagerly agree to meet him in friendly hand to hand combat. Other mercenaries and refugees quickly become aware of these happenings and quickly clear an area for our bout. The sleek man moves with a surprising amount of dexterity, and is clearly familiar to combat. We close in on each other and exchange a few blows, it quickly becomes apparent that striking this foe will be more difficult than expected. His nimble movement narrowly evades each of my blows, in return he delivers a few blows of his own only to have them dodged as well. Timing my strikes with his movement, I land a heavy shot which appears to stagger and shock him. I notice he leans back and reaches behind him as though he is grabbing something and lashes back at me, hitting me nearly as hard as I hit him. My vision is blurry and unfocused, I see him line up for another blow and everything fades to black.

I awake in a room that must be within one of the inns. Given the crowded nature of this town, it appears my troubadour companion, Smokejack, is equally proficient with the silver tongue as his quarterstaff. My companions are resting in the common room when I make my way down. I sit to join them but hear a familiar voice within the common rabble. I scan the room and spot someone from my past, although her presence here is a mystery. I approach her to find her intent, but she does not seem interested in talking with me. This is unsurprising as she made her feelings toward me clear years ago. I see no further purpose in pushing, she must simply be here merely by coincidence. I make my way back to our table. As I take my seat, Aleric enters the inn, followed by a tall elderly man. Lavinia nearly bursts with excitement to see this man. It appears to be a member of her past, her mentor. This is quite fortunate for our party as he is leading a caravan of refugees to Jord and invites us to join him. We have another day to rest before making our way to Oria. I surely hope to restore a bit of pride before we leave. -Sajin



Onward to Oria

Well done!

Onward to Oria

lol, way to go! I would have given you a reward point if the comment was worthwhile.

Onward to Oria
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