Return of the Lost Lord

We Must Find Them

On our way back to The Drunken Prayer, I separated myself from Smokejack; he wanted some ale and I wanted to investigate Valbridge further. I eventually found myself sitting at a fountain, lost in thought over everything I had been through the last week. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the journey ahead. My daydream was interrupted by the sound of a gathering crowd near the mercenary camps. I looked over and saw one of the men in my party…Aleric, I don’t know why I was surprised to seem him in the middle of all this. I should have known. He seems to always look for trouble. He called out a Dwarf, who I saw throw down an axe as wager. What Aleric does next was a sight to see, he pulls out a dagger??? They go at it, and to my disbelief Aleric was victorious. He grabbed a small sack and the axe and I knew I needed to hear the details of this story. I quickly caught up to Aleric and Sajin at The Drunken Prayer. I’m still not sure why I decided to have a drink.. I knew that it was a bad idea, but found myself staring into the bottom of an empty mug. I began to slowly drift into a doubtful place… Thoaim noticed where my thoughts had gone as he had seen them many times before, and excused me to gain my composure. It was a long night but I knew I would need to be rested up to start the long trip to Oria in the morning.

Our journey to Oria was mostly a quiet one. Supplies were scarce, which seemed to keep spirits down. Despite this, we occasionally found ourselves in conversation, laughing and sharing stories of our past. It brought us closer. It was also great to spend time with my mentor, Thoaim. Unfortunately, our travels weren’t all clear. We were only traveling for a few days before we found ourselves looking into the face, well what I believed to be a face, of a shadow. I’m still not sure what it was, but I am working on getting more information about the creature. The four of us tried to act quickly. Unfortunately, Aleric and Smokejack were quickly placed into hypnotic state by this creature and eventually Smokejack fell unconscious from the creature’s mystical babbling. Sajin and I attempted to attack the otherworldly monster. We just had one problem, how could we defeat something we couldn’t touch? The shadow didn’t waver from it’s goal and continued to head for the refugees. It didn’t care that I was in it’s way as it simply passed through me and into the cart. I could hear screaming; we all could. I thought quickly and tried something irrational. I reached out and whipped one of the horses attached to the cart where the shadow had gone. The horses carried the cart away, and the shadow appeared before us. Sajin and I decided to work together this time and easily vanquished the shadow. There was still one more issue to address, the cart moving out of control with evacuees and Smokejack at it’s mercy. I started calling out to my feathery friends in hope they could help, but Aleric came to and made the hasty decision of hurling a molten rock at the back wheel of the wagon, sending Smokejack flying through the air and the refugees tumbling in the rolling cart! Thankfully Smokejack only suffered minor injuries, but unfortunately most of the other passengers were not so lucky.

We were so relieved to make it to Oria! The town was much better prepared for the escapees, but the accommodations were still scarce. Fortunate for us, Smokejack quickly made arrangements with the innkeeper for payment on his room. Once settled, Smokejack and I refocused on our mission to find Daely. After some investigation, we found that she was working in the infirmary. We found her tending to the injured. I couldn’t understand what Smokejack and Daely were saying as they were speaking in her native Elvish tongue. Although I couldn’t understand what they were saying their body language and tone gave me the clues I needed. During their conversation I wondered why I had assumed she would be young. Now, seeing her standing before me, I see a woman that should have left this land years ago. I am now glad she didn’t, for she had given Smokejack a lot of useful information. We now know that there are forces looking into finding the council members that I was tracking from Lannereth. I must make sure to find them before the Solrah does.

We made our way back to the Flying Fish Inn. Although I usually find solace in the wilderness, I am grateful for the opportunity to get a good night’s rest. The last few weeks have taken their tole on my group and I.


Great write up :)

We Must Find Them
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