Lavinia Tealeaf

Social butterfly destine for adventure.


Hello people! My name is Lavinia Tealeaf. I’m the young Halfling Ranger who loves adventure and excitement. Shortly after my 20th birthday…alright 33rd, I set out on my own to find what I’ve always been looking for. I don’t really know what that is at this point, but I know that if I put my faith in Yondalla, she will send me down the right path. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Lannereth, so I decided I should make some experiences of my own.


I am an at heart explorer. I love being outdoors learning new things about nature and wildlife. I have a passion for helping others as long as those other are deserving of my help.
I ran away from home a few years ago. My mother just doesn’t understand me and my father and 3 little brothers didn’t care enough to figure me out, so I decided to find my own way in the world. To travel and to experience life in a way that being at home wouldn’t allow me to do.

I love that time of day when the sun isn’t quite in the sky and everything is so fresh, when the birds are just waking up and when the air has a cool crispness to it. The heat and I don’t get along, but i’m also not a huge fan of the extreme cold, I feel they both take a huge tole on my body and mind.

I have grown up under the impression that money and status is everything, although those things are important, I am a person who craves knowledge. Another thing my family just didn’t understand. They were social climbers and my little brothers were always getting into trouble and stealing. I wish them nothing but the best in their lives, but it’s time for me to find out what my life has in store for me; and so my will is to wander until I find what it is i’m looking for. I don’t know what that is yet….But I will find out!

Lavinia Tealeaf

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