Spitting bars and bolts


Grinning, a dwarf with a wicked scar running through his strange right eye and down his face waves. Pleasure to meet you. You look as though you have seen some things. Sit and chat awhile. The suds are refreshing. However stay away from the food, the Terran language has 174 words for dirt, yet none accurately describe the taste. We must create another!

Oh her, gently pats the crossbow next to him, this is Matilda. He leans in close and whispers, I like my crossbows like I like my women…. Oh the time, I have to go perform, he stands straight, bows piously, and begins a chant in elven, ‘Le-eh-oh-eh-oh-ez-bee-ans’. Clasping you on the shoulder, hopefully see you around, look me up sometime if you get bored.


(work in progress, a lot…)

a wee choir dwarf
told too many jokes
went in search of adventure
and helping folks

tripped in the night, no light
lost an eye
made a deal with a wizard, no fight
cost a life


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