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Player Reward Chart:

I feel that good role playing isn’t rewarded enough in most Role Playing Games. There is hardly ever mention of giving something more to the players that go above and beyond for the game. So as a reward to those players, and to especially promote new players to engross themselves into the world, I have come up with a reward system. Please bear in mind that this chart is untested and may be changed as the game progresses.

The system is designed to give players points that can be used to improve their characters. The table below lists the different purchases that can be made and their respective cost. Points will be earned for excellent roleplay and character sacrifice beyond what may be expected of your character. Additionally, there will be points awarded at the end of each chapter of the campaign. Lastly, every player will receive a point at the end of each session to give to a fellow player that they felt did the best job of roleplaying their character. I ask that each player also provide a brief explanation why they choose that player as well.


Additional Daily Spell Slot:
First Level-5
Second Level-7
Third Level-10
Fourth Level-14
Fifth Level-19
Sixth Level-25
Seventh Level-32
Eighth Level-40
Ninth Level-50

Bonus Feat-15
Additional Skill Point-3
One Day of Sustenance-2
Permanently Increase an Ability Score by One-20
Increase a Save Modifier by One-10
Increase Natural Armor Bonus by One-12
Permanently Increase Total Health by One-5

Main Page

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